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    by January 23, 2024

    How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

    Cleaning microfiber can be challenging, but you can get the job done with two common methods that use cleaning items you can find in your home: dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and even ...

    by January 23, 2024

    How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

    Carpet beetles, also known as skin beetles, are small, oval-shaped pests that infest not only carpets, but other animal materials such as wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, an ...

    by June 23, 2020

    7 Gross Reasons to Get Quality Carpet Cleaning Services ASAP

    According to IBIS World, the carpet cleaning industry is worth 5 billion dollars! It’s clear that plenty of people recognize the importance of getting a quality carpet cleaning j ...

    by June 23, 2020

    9 Tips to Help You Remove the Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

    Cat urine might be one of the worst smells there is. It’s strong, acidic, and stubborn – no matter how much you try it just won’t go! If you have a cat that loves to pee all ...

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